Formation of Hong Kong Limited Company


A Hong Kong limited company can be incorporated within 10 business days after completing all the registration process. You are required to provide us a list of information including the proposed name of the new company, shareholders’ information, name of first director, company secretary, registered address, the copy of passport, Hong Kong identity card or other identity document, we will do the rest for you in relation to all application and filing procedures for the incorporation of a limited company in Hong Kong.

Upon your request, we will prepare the respective documents for your signature within 1 to 2 days. After document signed, we will arrange the filing and the application of the certificate of incorporation on behalf of our customers. Following the incorporation of a Hong Kong limited company, we will submit the application for a business registration certificate for the company. In order to assist our customers to open a bank account in Hong Kong, we will provide you certified true copies of the respective documents which is necessary for the opening of a bank account.



Cost of incorporating a Hong Kong company


(Including Business Registration Fee)

(No prepayment of Company Secretarial Services fee is required and Include the business registration fee (waived) and the following documents:





1. Register of members

6. Register of shareholders and directors


2. Certificate of incorporation

7. Company seal and company stamp


3. 20 company shares

8. Include the business registration fee


4. Boxset for the documents

9. Memorandum of Association


5. Articles of Association