Taxation Service


Taxation is the important issue both for individual and corporation. Improper management will cause significant loss of money and time.

Taxpayer may without taxation knowledge may be filing a false return, which can lead to extra tax payable. Some tax payer even breaches tax rules due to omissions of some tax items.  We will provide tax planning and advices according to clients’ specific needs and situation, with periodical review revision, to help clients to enjoy the tax benefits. 


We aim to save your tax liability by proper tax planning.


Sole proprietorship
Only individual tax return will be issued. Tax payer has to fill in the profits tax column in tax return with major financial information, together with profit and loss account, balance sheet and profits tax computations.

Unlimited company need to return the tax return within 3 months upon the receipt of the tax return.


(Note: you have to prepare profit and loss account, balance sheet and ledger for audit purpose. Accountancy fee may be charge in case you are in lack of these documents.

Others Taxation Services

  • Filing Individual Tax Return and Personal Assessment with proper allowance;
  • Acting as Tax Representative;
  • Filing of Corporate Tax Return and Proposed Tax Computation with Supporting Schedules;
  • Filing Employers’ Returns ;
  • Filing Property Tax Return ;
  • Applying for Extension for filing Tax Returns ;
  • Lodging objection against improper Tax Estimation / Tax Assessment ;
  • Applying for Hold-over of Provisional Tax, Tax Payment by Instalment or Tax Refund ;
  • Handling Inland Revenue Department’ enquiries, tax field audit or investigation ;   
  • Handling tax litigation ;
  • Providing tax planning and tax advices.






Penalty for the late submission of the tax return

The maximum penalty for the late submission of the tax return is HK$10,000. If it is found that the tax return is always submitted late, Inland Revenue Department can additionally charges a 10% of the tax payable as penalty charge.