Deregistration of Hong Kong Limited Co.


A Hong Kong limited company (including dormant company) can be deregistered in accordance with Section of 750 the Companies Ordinance subject to the following conditions:


Conditions for Deregistration of Hong Kong Limited Company:


According to Section 750 of Companies Ordinances, a Hong Kong Limited Company could apply for deregistration only if ALL 3 conditions are fulfilled:


1)  Never commence business since incorporation; or has ceased business over 3 months before the application;
2)  No outstanding liabilities; and 
3) All Shareholders agreed to do so. 


If the Company still have any outstanding liabilities, application for deregistration can go on if:

    • The outstanding liabilities have been settled by its holding company, related company, director, or sh
    • areholder; or
    • The creditors have waived their claims, e.g. those creditors were its holding company, related company, founders, director or shareholder by their written consent.

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